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SEO strategies to increase your Google rank

Be searched, be discovered and be listed on the first page of Google – With GoAnna Designs.

  • With a 90% chance of being viewed and a probability of 58% for a top 3 position rank, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical for your business to achieve a first page Google ranking.
  • Our SEO strategies are concentrated to rank you on the highest possible Google rank and all search engines using SEO keywords and phrases.

Parramatta Search Engine Optimisation Wollongong

GoAnna Designs’ Search Engine Optimisation professionals provide your business with a complete SEO service, concentrating on:

  • SEO Copywriting – Persuasive writing using marketing techniques and SEO keywords to communicate to your target market.
  • Information Architecture – The organisation and structure of written content in your web design must be both user and SEO friendly, for Google to easily identify your site. Information architecture focuses on how the layout, design, content and information is displayed.
  • An updated sitemap
  • Accurate SEO keywords and phrases research
  • Link building and URL modifications
  • Search engine submission
  • Social media marketing
  • Complete optimisation and modification of current web design structures including meta tags, URLS, etc.
  • Web analytics and monthly reports based on your SEO campaign

With Google Panda, search engine optimisation is finally focussed on quality rather than quantity!

  • GoAnna design and provide search engine compatible websites especially for you, to ensure you are easily found - generating higher organic search listings and overall brand awareness.
  • Our online marketing, website development and web design teams plan, design and create SEO ready and SEO friendly websites.
organic search

Invest time and money and receive quality organic search listings

  • GoAnna Designs’ SEO professionals focus on generating organic search listings (free search listings) only
  • Free search listings demonstrate more success than paid (sponsored) search listings.
  • Previous studies and experiences have shown that online users are more aware of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, such as Google Adwords, and have more trust in the accuracy, popularity and honesty of free search listings.

“We do not believe in the use of Google Adwords or any other forms of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as ‘successful’ online marketing strategies...Success lies in the extra work, time and investment in generating organic search results!”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • SEM is very similar to, and utilised simultaneously with SEO.
  • SEM concentrates on the Return of Investments (ROI) and SEO is concerned with generating website traffic.
  • SEM utilises and links with social media marketing.

The internet provides a better service to its users through well implemented good SEO. By making the decision to go online and use the internet’s services to thrive is an important step, but without good SEO, the internet’s services will not recognise your web design. A search engine, such as Google must respond to the needs of their users and with good SEO, the process is made easier for Google to provide accurate information. As a result of good SEO, Google awards you with a high search rank.

“If all websites utilise good SEO techniques, the web would be more highly efficient and accurate than what it is today. We strongly advise all clients to implement SEO as an online marketing strategy with OUR SEO Professionals!”

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