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Stay connected through Social Media Marketing

Honesty is the key to social media. We portray an honest and authentic image for your business to generate an honest and authentic interest.

Social media strategies

Social media strategies have not been abused like other online marketing strategies. There are many spammers in the SEO and SEM fields who falsify results. However, spammers in social media do not have the freedom and capability to do these actions. Social media was discussed before the internet existed. It was known as social marketing. Social media is cost-effective and provides immediate contact worldwide 24/7.

Are you new to social media or not achieving results through social media?

GoAnna Designs will connect you through social media strategies, increasing your brand awareness and customer loyalty and building relationships by spreading your message to current and potential customers. Social media changes on a daily basis, leaving most businesses to unsuccessfully utilise its benefits.

Who do you trust, the consumer or the manufacturer?

Through social media, consumers state recommendations, experiences or intentions on a frequent basis. With the rise in social networking, conversation and word of mouth plays a major role in the purchasing and decision making process.

At GoAnna Designs, your social media campaign will be put into the hands of the public, who will form trust and participation with you. We will:

  • Together with you, plan your objectives and intentions for social media to gain a deeper knowledge into your customers' thoughts and behaviours
  • Implement your plan into your target audience via the selected online methods
  • Design and develop custom social media accounts to portray the look and feel of your business through networking, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Link with your target market to increase your Google ranking
  • Over a period of time, measure and evaluate your social media campaign

GoAnna Designs assists you in implementing social media strategies and growing your brand awareness. Together we will devise marketing plans and hit your target market, cost effectively – No matter how big or small your business is!

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